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Comanche Moon

This is Comanche Moon (Comanche).

I am hoping that there are other people out there who are tired of putting heavy chemicals and expensive treatments on their horses. I am creating a web site that puts together all the recipes and articles that I have been collecting over the years so that they are easier for me to find and use.  I wanted to share these with everyone who loves their horses.  So I created Comanche Moon.  So named after my brat, Comanche.  To  make available homemade recipes and inexpensive solutions for daily horse care, so everyone could benefit from it.  You will find recipes and solutions for:  fly repellent, horse cookies, mashes, liniments, electorlytes, hoof treatments, skin treatments, conditioners, sheath cleaning, touch ups, founder, colic, electrolytes, heatstroke, hoof dressing, horse anatomy,  barn fires, blanket cleaning, destructive behavior, cold and hot packs, bit sizing, cleaning foal’s bottoms, bedding, brighten whites, awards, conditioners, horse humor, links, mashes, neck sweats, pills, poisons, poultices, protective boots, sheath cleaning, show touch ups, winter warmth, weight gain, washing, shedding, stains, supplements, vaccinations, vital signs, warts, and more.  I am constantly entering new recipes, so please come back often.
I am adding some advertisments to my website.  The cost to keep this site running has gone from free to the expensive side.  I am trying to find horse, pet, or product related ads for you to choose from.  Please help support this site and visit our sponsors.  So far I like the E-Bay ad the best.  I am able to bring you real-time items that are ending in auction soon.  Plus, I love E-Bay.  I have always been able to get nice things, at 1/3 of the price.
I am starting to work on a page on West Nile Virus, since it is such a scare right now to horses and humans alike.  I am working at posting links for maps, statistics, precautions, etc…
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This web site now is up to 73 pages.
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Please feel free to e-mail your recipes and ideas, or leave them on our new message board, so I may add them.
    I have moved all my pictures from webshots to my website.  There are a few pages that are not completed but I have most of them moved.  I hope that you enjoy them.
My foundation quarter horse filly, Coco, was a gift from a friend who spent $7,000 to save her.  At a month and a half she put her right rear leg under the stall door (it was a new metal barn), and cut her tendons and 20% of her ligament.  It has been a long road for her .  She spent her first 18 months in 18 casts.  When I got her she had been in a shoe, and out of the casts for 5 months.  Today she is now out of her corrective shoe to allow her foot to spread and the rest of her tendons to go back into place.  You can go to the site and see pictures of her running.  I can not say enough about having a good vet and an excellent farrier.  They are hard to find. 
(Did you find the eagles head in his blanket?)